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Plein Air Florida believes that an authentic plein air painting is done on location in front of the subject. It is begun on site and substantially completed while experiencing the landscape firsthand. More than one session may be required to complete it, and each of these should also be on location. Some minor adjustments can be done back in the studio, but not so much as to alter the initial work done on site.

The perception of the plein air subject is dependent on the conditions encountered while on site, and the artist's response to these is usually evident in the finished painting. Plein air paintings that follow this standard tend to have a quality that reflects the immediacy of the artist's interaction with the subject.

We have no preference as to style, materials used, or artistic interpretation. These are all personal choices that contribute to the unique expression of each artist while they paint 'en plein air'. Likewise, we think honest work by novice or professional is equally valid. The challenges and rewards of plein air painting are open to all.

Plein Air Florida encourages all artists to make plein air painting a part of their creative experience. We welcome anyone with a sincere interest to
join us in promoting plein air painting in Florida.

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