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Tim Malles

Gainesville FL

Signature Member

©2012 Tim Malles
©2012 Tim Malles
©2012 Tim Malles

Man Reaching for the Moon
14x11 oil on board

Tangerine Glow
11x14 oil on board

Florida Emerald
7x5 oil on board

Landscapes, public art and astronomy themes are some of the targets of Tim's work. A native Floridian (born Miami, 1954), his life-long passion to paint the Florida landscape is inspired by the extreme changes in the environment experienced by our generation. Water themes and nocturnes are recurrent in his work. Growing up during the birth of the space age inspired Tim's interest in astronomy and space art. His primary medium is oil on wood and canvas, applied with brushes and knives, his style is realist to impressionistic, filled with light, color, energy and movement. Malles thrives on the opportunity for spontaneity, creativity and exchange within the live public art venue.

Tim Malles was awarded an Artist Membership of the International Association of Astronomical Artists in 2009 and a Signature Membership of Plein Air Florida in 2010.

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