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Marge Drew

Ormond Beach FL

Associate Member

©2009 Marge Drew
©2009 Marge Drew
©2009 Marge Drew

Autumn Interlude
9x12 Oil on canvas

12x9 Oil on canvas

Southern Comfort
9x12 Oil on canvas

Aided by the voice within my art I discovered tranquility when I painted, which was missing from my very hectic life. Even my storm paintings express a soft quietness. I love being part of nature and becoming completely absorbed while I paint. All time is suspended then. I've always painted from life; either what I find or set up. Sometimes I bring flowers along to add to the landscape. And once I purchased a tart topped with blueberries to paint while outside, because where I was did not move me; and yet I still wanted to be painting outdoors.

For many years I travelled about, from California to Florida and even to Mexico. I never stopped painting or marketing, and no matter where we moved my art supplies came along. Watercolors were my main medium. But, now I'm exploring oils and painting landscapes on location for a wonderful adventure!

I am a cofounder and I market a group of plein air artists called Reflectionists. I received a BS degree with high honors from Eastern Michigan University; completing a double major in art and in psychology on a full scholarship.

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