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Plein Air Florida began with two Florida painters, DE Johnson from Largo and Linda Blondheim from Gainesville. They began painting out together and dreaming of a time when plein air painting would gain recognition and patronage in Florida. They were unaware that other groups existed in the state.

An invitation to paint out was extended to artists on an internet bulletin board, and as a result, our first organized all Florida Paint Out was held in Ozello in September 2001. Cheryl Ritter chose the site and hosted the event. Many plein air painters from around Florida attended. Some of them had already formed painting groups in their local areas. To facilitate contact between these artists and groups, Linda volunteered to run an Email List. The list rapidly grew in membership, and enthusiasm for plein air in Florida mushroomed. More outings followed and the idea to form a statewide organization was agreed upon by the various groups.

Plein Air Florida became an umbrella group to provide a base for statewide plein air activity. A website for the group was seen as a great way to facilitate the groups goals, so David agreed to build and manage it. The website is constantly being improved with added features.

Plein Air Florida is moving forward to promote plein air painting in the state and invites all to join us. See our Members pages for more information on getting involved.

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